My Tulum Beach Experience

by George and Audrey
(Ontario, Canada)

I had been to Mexico before and had had a great time, but could not see Tulum due to a shortage of time. This time however, I had Tulum securely tucked into my itinerary.

I had always been intrigued by Tulum because of its rich history.

Tulum is the only Mayan construction that was built on coast and still exists today. It is a walled city located about 130 km from Cancun. Tulum is full of tourists and visitors from the world over who come to see this city, rich in history and culture. It is believed that Tulum was actually a port used by Mayan traders in olden times.

My husband and I had booked a cabana on the beach. It was a no- nonsense, simple living arrangement where there were two beds, an attached bathroom, a couch, T.V. and a great view of the ocean. You could hear the water lapping next to you as the ocean was only 15 feet away. It was simply amazing!

Sightseeing was naturally the highlight of the trip. The Tulum ruins were awesome! One could simply watch in awe for hours. We enjoyed visiting the ruins and even took a dip in the ruins beach as it was extremely hot. That turned out to be a lot of fun.

The Tulum crafts market is another good way to spend the day. It is a market filled with all sorts of interesting commodities and some that I had never seen before.

We also did pole flying at Tulum Pole Flyers. It was thrilling and adventurous and I would probably never do it again but, I had to try for the heck of it. We had rented a car so transport was not an issue. Otherwise, there are trains running back and forth for tourists and they are not very expensive. Obviously the car gave us more freedom to explore which was just what we wanted.

In short, it was a great trip and although Cancun had more of a night life and excitement, I would never have missed the chance of visiting Tulum! It was a fun yet informational trip that we both cherish.

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