Chetumal which means: "Place of the red wood" in Modern Maya, is a small growing city with an international airport on the east coast of the Yucat√°n Peninsula in Mexico.

The city is an important port for the region and operates as Mexico's main trading gateway with the neighboring country of Belize. Goods are transported via a road connecting it with Belize City to the south, and also via coastal merchant ships.

The city has a Museum of Maya Culture as well as a zoo.

Its economy has been influenced by its proximity to the border with Belize. A goods and services tax-free zone established on the Belizean side attracts many visitors to Chetumal and also provides a ready market for the city's retailers and traders. The city retains a significant retail trade for the region, which supports many local businesses.

Several modern malls have been built with a movie theater, various department store chains, fast-food outlets, and supermarkets. Since it is the location of all of the state's central offices, there is a large population of government employees whose consumption of local goods and services injects additional revenue into the city's economy.

The city houses two theaters, an open air theater that belongs to the state's music school , and the "Teatro Constitullentes", which is a private-owned theater.

There is a country club, which features tennis, football and basketball courts, a gym, a swimming pool, a steam-bath and a lounge for parties.