What are Cenotes?

In much of the Yucatan, rainwater collects in a system of underground caves and tunnels. Where these tunnels reach the surface, that is known as a cenote (pronounced seh-NOH-teh). Cenotes usually allow swimming and diving, and rent related equipment. They are fresh water and are often quite cold.

Casa Cenote, in TanKah III Bay is a magical spot. Here the Cenote goes underground some 100 yards before the beach, only to emerge as an 'underwater' water spring about 20 yards of the beach, right in the ocean. This is a must see. Tanka III Bay is just over 7 kilometers (5 miles) north of the intersection to the ruins. Take a cab. It is also a great place to eat and stay, to snorkel and scuba, too.

El Gran Cenote. Admission: 80 pesos.

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